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In a rare comment.. North Korean official TV reports that people are concerned about Kim’s weight loss

Reuters KCNA

North Korean state television confirmed that the country’s citizens are concerned that their leader, Kim Jong Un, has significantly lost weight recently, in an extremely rare comment on the issue of his health.

North Korean Central Television broadcast an interview with a citizen who expressed grave concern over Kim’s appearance “thinner than normal” during the last general meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party.

The citizen said that seeing Kim noticeably losing his body weight “breaks people’s hearts,” stressing that all citizens say that they cried after seeing those footage.

The TV report did not provide any explanation as to why Kim lost weight.

In a rare comment.. North Korean official TV reports that people are concerned about Kim's weight loss


This report, which represents an extremely rare mention by the official North Korean media about Kim’s health, is likely to give impetus to multiple falsehoods and rumors on the subject.

And news reports have previously reported that Kim’s weight, which was previously estimated at 140 kilograms, has recently decreased, according to some observers’ assessments, by between 10 and 20 kilograms.

This topic called for new slanders that this tangible weight loss of the North Korean leader was caused either by his suffering from a serious illness, or his quest to improve his health.

Kim’s health has repeatedly become the subject of media slander, without any evidence of its deterioration.

Source: “Yonhap” + “Reuters”

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