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In a romantic atmosphere.. Nancy Ajram presents her latest song, “I want someone to love”

10:02 a.m

Friday, January 27, 2023

I wrote – Marcel Nazmy:

The artist, Nancy Ajram, released her latest song, “I Want a Love”, on her YouTube channel, on the occasion of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, which falls next February.

Nancy chose to make the clip romantic, in line with the atmosphere of the song and her words, which say:

“I want someone to love, I’m really bored

I want someone in my heart to feel like I was created

I want someone close to me who doesn’t feel the time

Time forgets me Time forgets me

Where are you coming from, take me away from my worries?

From my strange fear, take me on my world, there is no end in it

Except you and me, and the sun never sets

Where are you, are you listening to me?

There is no one about me who asks if I am absent

I admit that I am far from myself

My heart is tired of me and my heart is tired

My heart is tired of my heart.”

The song is written by Ahmed Madi, composed by Ziad Borji, and arranged by Hadi Sharara.

The song achieved more than 94,000 views within only 5 hours of its release, and many followers interacted with it, and among their comments: “Nancy is woven from imagination … as if she were from another world”, “Queen of Hearts and Queen of Clips”, and “Despite the simplicity that accompanies Nancy, with all her clips, always dazzles us with integrity, and most importantly, her beauty.

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It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist, Nancy Ajram, is the song “Ya Eid”, which she released last month, coinciding with the New Year’s celebrations, written and composed by Salim Assaf, distributed by Bassem Rizk and directed by Samir Syriani.