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In an era of extinction, has the United Kingdom failed to protect its wildlife?

In an era of extinction, has the United Kingdom failed to protect its wildlife?

In an era of animal extinction, the UK’s national parks should not be considered ‘protected areas’ until the way wildlife conservation is drastically improved, a new report says.

Internationally, the UK is leading in calls for 30% land and sea conservation by 2030 (the “30 x 30” target), but it is failing to protect its own wildlife, according to a report by the British Environment Association (BES).

Protected areas such as national parks and scenic areas (AONBs) make up about 28% of UK land, but only about 5% are effectively protected, and the report recommends that they not be included in the UK’s total protected list. Lands due to their present condition.
Professor Jane Hill, an ecologist at York University and one of the authors of the report, stressed that such areas may support greater wealth in some animal species, but “often the report finds that these benefits are minimal.”
“There is evidence that most protected landscapes do not meet nature’s and that a very small percentage of these reserves are in good ecological condition.

The BES Protected Areas and Nature Restoration Report emphasizes that wildlife should be declared a protected area only if it is proven to have a long-term recovery, because sustained agriculture and fishing practices, pollution and the spread of non-native animals are the main reasons for the poor environmental conditions.

He said that as tens of countries pledge to protect wildlife from extinction through area-based protection, which is crucial in resolving climate and environmental crises, world governments will negotiate the next decade for United Nations goals of nature conservation. .

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