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5 + 1 Environmental Tips for World Environment Day

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the CRA, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and with the financial support of the European Union delegation, is assisting in the establishment of the State Administration in Agriculture

As early as March 2020, the Czech Development Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina began cooperating with the United Nations Development Program on an EU-funded mandated cooperation project called EU4AGRI. The task of the Czech Republic is primarily technical support through the functional preparation of the state administration in the field of agriculture. As part of the project, CRA delivers to the local government, within the project, possible solutions to prepare the state administration in the field of agriculture for eventual accession to the European Union.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been trying for ten years to pass a new wine law, which is compatible with European Union legislation. First, in March 2020, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stasa Kocharak, decided to form a working group to deal with this issue, and a year later, two two-day meetings were held in Mostar with the support of the EU4AGRI project. A special contribution to the working group meeting was made by the representative of grape and wine producers from the Czech Republic, Milos Myshlovsky, who noted the most important difficulties that wine producers in the Czech Republic face when they join the European Union.

In addition, the benefits to producers of the adoption and application of EU standards and legislation in the wine sector were emphasized. This presentation was an important impetus for the constructive approach of the Working Group in discussing and drafting a draft law on wines in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “In May 2021, a new meeting was organized in Trebinj, which worked on drafting a bill and coordinating the provisions of the preliminary bill. A high degree of harmonization was achieved in the provisions, and the provisions of the bill that had not been harmonized were left to the ministerial level. Organizing professional workshops also in Teslic, Vlačić and Belgrade on the topic of technical support for the creation of wine and wine records”, says project coordinator Lenka Huberová of the Czech Development Agency.

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According to a report of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a methodology was agreed upon at these workshops to work on developing technical and functional specifications for the acquisition of Registry software for vineyards and vine growers. The Belgrade workshop indicated problems in record-setting on concrete examples in the field and broadened the participants’ perspectives, particularly in terms of functional specifications, vineyard visualization and georeferencing. “It can be expected that the adoption of the wine law will be in the ministry’s work plan this year as well and it will be ‘on the top of the priority list’, just like last year,” Minister Stacha Kocharak told Bosnian media.

“As part of the agricultural consultancy, the Czech experts, in cooperation with their Bosnian colleagues, worked to raise awareness of and use of weather stations, as well as the system for accreditation of consultants within the European Union. At the beginning of 2022, training on integrated production is being prepared. Due to the EU legislation and the harmonization of agricultural standards With the EU legislation, the EU4Agri project support within the framework of technical support will focus on the approval of the draft wine law and the establishment of a wine registry,” adds Lenka Huberova. In April this year, preparations are also made for a study trip for Bosnian civil servants to the Czech Republic, where the current Czech wine record and agricultural advisory system will be put into practice.

The EU4AGRI project, with a budget of €5 million, is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Bosnian branch of the United Nations Development Program and the Czech Development Agency. The EU4AGRI project is planned for 2024 and is expected to create 400 jobs (of which at least 50 are for women and youth).

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As part of the second implemented EU4Agri Recovery project, a study trip of ten Bosnian winemakers took place to the Czech Republic in August 2021. Among other things, they learned about the effective use of waste in vineyard processing, especially the method of creating vermicompost (method of decomposing organic waste into Usable substance using earthworms), which will be supplied to them from the Czech Republic.