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In Casablanca, an exclusive space for encouragement in the feminine form

In Casablanca, an exclusive space for encouragement in the feminine form

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Many girls and women make a daily pilgrimage to a coffee shop in the center of the economic capital, some of whom accompany their sons and daughters, either to drink coffee, drink tea, or exchange opinions. Nowadays, this café has become a destination for women who are passionate about football, as they follow the phases of heated interviews within the framework of the World Cup organized in the State of Qatar, thus giving a feminine touch to this exceptional World Cup by all standards.

Sunday was not an ordinary day, as these women, along with millions of Moroccans, were on time on the occasion of the strong match that brought together the Moroccan national team with its Belgian counterpart, which resulted in the victory of the Lions with deserved goals to zero for the Red Devils.

Since the whistle of the referee announcing the start of the fight, the attendees’ ululation, chants, shouts and cheers erupted, turning this café into a real place for celebration in the Moroccan way.

The cafe was decorated with national flags and roses of all colors, and its sides were furnished with bicycles, balloons, and pink drawings declaring the privacy of the place and the importance of the event, in celebration of this major football event, as well as the female element that makes frequent pilgrimages to this beautiful space, which gave all the atmosphere of celebration joyful with the roar of lions in front of a team Great to reckon with a thousand accounts, which is the Belgian national team.

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In the fight with Belgium, which took a different form in terms of decoration and atmosphere inside this cafe, there was interaction with every small and large in the match through all kinds of encouragement that mixes shouts and dance, and all these girls and women wear the shirt of the national team and carry the national flags in an atmosphere Unparalleled enthusiasm.

The girls and women of the economic capital, who are known for their great passion for sports in general and football in particular, added a beautiful enthusiastic atmosphere that flared up with every touch, and vibrated with every pass and every shot.

The breath is taken with every attack of the opponent, so closeness and supplication become two sides of the same coin, which is the coin of love for the ball, love for the team and love for the country.

This café, which is located on Zarktouni Street, and which the residents of Casablanca know well, is completely forbidden to any man who is not accompanied by his family, in order to avoid anything that would disturb the atmosphere of the World Cup celebrations inside the café, especially by some hooligans, which he confided to M24 channel of the Maghreb Arab News Agency. Youssef Laouina, the owner of this café.

In order to check this aspect, he explained to Awaina that this café provides its services throughout the year exclusively to families, with the female element frequenting it at a rate of approximately 80 percent, which guarantees a family atmosphere printed with a lot of respect, which is what many families who make up the customers of this space desire.

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He added that during the FIFA World Cup Qatar, the café was equipped and decorated in a manner worthy of the status of a large number of girls and women who are customers of the café who are keen to watch various football matches during this global football festival.

A beautiful space for Moroccan girls, women, and foreigners residing in Morocco. It is a unique idea that targets customers of a special kind who do not want to be in a space that lives in an atmosphere and enthusiasm that goes out of courtesy and respect. Hence the idea of ​​establishing a café aimed exclusively at families.

And when the final whistle was heard announcing the victory of the Lions over the Red Devils, ululation erupted, mixed with the performance of the national anthem, in a scene that sums up the joy of all Moroccans with this precious victory, their pride in the team and the national voter, and their aspiration for the next phases of the World Cup, in which Morocco will be a difficult equation for its opponents.