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In cooperation with the Abu Al-Enein Foundation, we publish the name of the 18th winner of the competition, and above all those who know knowledge

Dr. Ali Gomaa, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, revealed the answer and winner of the eighteenth question from the “Above All Those Who Have Knowledge” program, which is broadcast on Sada Al-Balad satellite channel, under the auspices of the Abu Al-Anein Charitable Foundation.

And above all a science education

In the answer to the question of the eighteenth episode of Ramadan, Dr. Ali Gomaa said: Imam Al Busairi, and the name of the winner is Jazia Abdel Aziz Awad from Cairo Governorate.

How to participate in a competition and above all knowledgeable knowledgeable

Participation in the daily religious competition is by calling (5959), and the answer period will be until the next day’s episode, and the winner will receive a prize of 10,000 pounds, provided by the Abu Al-Enein Social and Charitable Foundation, in addition to entering a drawing for an Umrah trip.

Is it handcuffed during Ramadan, the jinn, or all the devils?

Dr. Ali Jumaa answered the question, saying: “We hope that God, by His grace and generosity, will chain up all the devils so that we can get rid of their harm, and in order to make Ramadan an opportunity to launch, because God has made this opportunity for us, so we must take advantage of it.

Ali Gomaa pointed out that God guides us to stations for review, accountability and departure, and we want to get out of Ramadan and he has forgiven us, because if he forgives us, our prayers will be answered and our page will be white, so God looks at us with an eye of mercy and guides us to what He loves and is pleased with, and we will find blessing in livelihood, health, self and matters. So be quiet.

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Ali Jumaa noted that disobedience is among the reasons for taking away the blessing, so we want to turn Ramadan into a blessing, so whether the sequence is for the rebellious or for the generality of the devils, we hope from God that they all be chained, because there is a narration that says that whoever chains up the rebellious devils and another narration says that the generality of the devils, we are We take it seriously that all the devils are chained up to stop harming us.