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In detail .. Washington's plan to "destroy the Russian fleet in the Black Sea"

In detail .. Washington’s plan to “destroy the Russian fleet in the Black Sea”

According to the American magazine “Newsweek”, there are major fears of a severe global shortage food Because Ukraine’s imports are affected, which is no longer able to export through its ports, due to the embargo imposed on it.

and prepare Ukraine One of the major producers and exporters of grain in the world, while prices are witnessing an unprecedented rise since the start of Russian military operations on the twenty-fourth of last February.

Adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, said in a tweet on Twitter, that United State “Planning to destroy the Russian fleet in the Black Sea”, via Ukraine.

The official added, “The success of the Ukrainian operations against the Russian warships convinced the United States to arrange a plan to lift the blockade on the ports.”

He indicated that discussions are currently underway for the United States to deliver anti-ship weapons to Ukraine, such as the “Harpoon” and “Naval Strike” missiles, with a range of 250-300 km.

The Ukrainian official’s tweet comes, while Reuters revealed earlier, that the White House is considering enabling the Ukrainians to use anti-ship missiles so that they can break the Russian blockade.

And Newsweek wrote, quoting US officials, that these anti-ship missiles “may be shipped directly to Ukraine, and they could also be transported through an ally of Washington in Europe.”

Ukraine is asking the United States to provide more weapons, so that it can target about 20 ships and submarines of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea.

Earlier, Ukrainian officials confirmed that their army managed to sink the huge Russian cruiser “Moskova”, in a blow described as painful for Moscow.

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