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In Galapgch, they discovered Elf from the earliest species. This SVT DNA tests suggested

Keto Ecuador has confirmed that a species that has been considered extinct for more than 100 years has been discovered in Galapgch. Agence France-Presse reported on Wednesday that this assumption has been proven by DNA tests conducted by scientists from Yale University in the United States.

The creators of the National Park in Galapag are preparing for an expedition to see if they have actually provided samples of this type of elba on the islands.

We thought it became extinct for more than 100 years, but we have now confirmed its existence, said Gustavo Marek, Ecuador’s environment minister.

In 2019, an expedition found an obese female Chelonoidis phantasticus, which was considered extinct. However, the fact that it was indeed an example of this nature was fully proven only thanks to the research of Yale University. The scientists compared the DNA of the Gene to the Galapag with samples from another sample of this type of alpha from 1906, found in the collections of the Academy of Sciences in California.

Elven species Chelonoidis phantasticus il to Fernandina Island, which is not permanently inhabited. It was one of the 15 species of animals found in the Galapes. The number of shops in the archipelago fell sharply in the nineteenth century due to fishing. There are two species that are now considered extinct.

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Samika, which scientists found two years ago, is now in the Shop Protection Center. According to the petitioner, the time has come. They named it Fernando, according to which island the species is located. Uncertainty only exists about her age. The director of the Galapagos Islands Conservation Organization, Washington Tapia, thinks I can be 60 to 100 years old.

Danbej Rueda, National Park National Park editor, said the park has been planning a major exploration mission to Fernandina Island in the second half of this year. You will discover her hive gave the elves of Chelonoidis phantasticus. He protects that Fernando will face the same fate as Eluv George in 2012. George was the last known specimen of the species Chelonoidis abingdon. And because he refused to drink with other elves, his genus became completely extinct.

Galapgy, located 900 kilometers west of Ecuador, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique fauna and flora. The archipelago, which intersects the equation, consists of about 20 volts and hundreds of smaller islands of volcanic origin. Only five of them are permanently inhabited. They were discovered in the sixteenth century.

In 1835, British merchant Charles Darwin spent six weeks observing the islands. Especially for the basic outcome of these observations, he created his basic concept of natural origin and type of development, the main driving force of which is the sale of v.

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