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IN - Haircut ala cobra: the current trend for long hair of all types

IN – Haircut ala cobra: the current trend for long hair of all types

Perfect for longer hair that needs more volume. This promises a new trendy hairstyle known on TikTok as the cobra cut. New York hairstylist Nunzio Saviano is responsible for this new style.

shutterstock-1309702219.jpgPhoto: shutterstock

The cobra haircut, as it is called, is an ideal hairstyle for long hair. On TikTok, hairstylist Nunzio Saviano revealed the secret to the cobra cut – a new haircut perfect for a complete makeover.

It is actually a new layering technique suitable for hair without volume or very thick hair. The goal is to give the hairstyle a new look and a bit of life. Plus it works great with both curly and straight hair.

“The cobra cut is long hair with layers starting two inches below the chin. The long layers are cut according to the shape of the head. This technique removes the load at the bottom without making the hair look good,” Nunzio Saviano explains to PopSugar.

The hairstyle is then completed with shorter hair in the upper layer and waves resembling the shape of a majestic snake head. That is why this hairstyle is called the cobra cut.

Suitable for all hair types, from thick to fine. However, it is more suitable for people whose length reaches at least collar bones, which is a prerequisite for a perfect layering effect.

Sources: TikTok/Nunzio Saviano, PopSugar

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