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In Kiev, they are preparing anti-aircraft shelters and an air warning system 15. 12. 2021

In Kiev, they are preparing anti-aircraft shelters and an air warning system 15. 12. 2021

15. 12. 2021

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The presidents of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will hold talks in Kiev on Monday. The leaders of the countries of the “Lublin Triangle” are meeting for the first time to assess the situation linked to the dangers of a “Russian invasion”, Nězavisimoj reporter Taťána Ivženková . points out.

At the same time, Andrei Duda and Gitanas Nausida visited Kiev to test the system to warn residents of an air attack.

Kiev city council inspected anti-aircraft shelters last week. Specialists explained the condition of the shelters built in the times of the USSR. Since 2014, most of them have prepared to receive people in the event of an air attack, but some of them are still occupied by shops and beauty salons.

While addressing the issue of air shelters, City Hall decided to test the performance of the residents’ central alert system. Deputy Mayor Andrei Krichenko said in an interview to the letter BabylonAt the same time, he will launch “a media campaign to prevent people from panicking when they hear the sirens. In a few weeks we will turn on the sirens and do exercises so that people without panic understand what to do.”

There will be no worries during Duda and Nuseda’s visit to the Ukrainian capital. But Mayor Vitali Klitschko believes the EU must understand that the situation is serious. In an interview with a German newspaper, picture He said, “In my hometown, we are preparing for a possible emergency, I am dealing with the civil defense services. We have activated work to prepare the midfielders.” The politician called on the West to show solidarity, stressing that “the new German government must understand that helping our country has never been so important.” “We will not allow Russia to take us back to the Soviet empire, to which the Ukrainian nation does not want to return. We are a European country that needs European help as never before,” he added.

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Details in Russian: here

(Yesterday, the German Foreign Ministry, led by Annalina Barbock, after significant delays caused by the previous cabinet, allowed the export of “anti-drone” weapons to Ukraine, whose soldiers were bombarded with Russian unmanned vehicles operated by 3W-Modellmotoren Weinhold GmbH based in Hanau, Hessen. Rifles designed against Russian snipers have not yet been approved, which is why light beer Frau Ribbentrop with a cartoon image of Angela Merkel is so popular in Ukraine.