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In Lebanon.. this is how you get "fresh dollars" inside your home

In Lebanon.. this is how you get “fresh dollars” inside your home

This is what was revealed by a post shared by the Minister of Environment in the caretaker government, Nasser Yassin, through his own account on “Facebook”, and attached it to a comment that stated, “Sorting from the source is the solution.”“.

The publication was considered an encouragement for citizens to adopt waste sorting in their homes, and making use of the sorted waste to sell it, and in “US dollars”.“.

Minister Yassin had published a video prepared by the Ministry in cooperation with United Nations Development Programme With the support of the Japanese government, it is part of the Lebanese Ministry of Environment’s program to spread awareness about solid waste management and the source sorting process.

He continued in an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia, “The published video explains the role of municipalities as stipulated by law, as each local administration must prepare a local plan and program for solid waste management.. “

Yassin revealed that “the amount of waste that is collected daily in Lebanon is about 7,000 tons, or about two and a half million tons per year, and 36% of the waste is thrown into random landfills, while only 20% is subject to sorting and is recycled and the rest is buried underground.“.

The Minister added, “The Ministry of Environment supports local authorities through planning, monitoring and setting standards and conditions for solid waste treatment, as well as continuous work with partners and international and local bodies to support the development and restart of solid waste systems in all regions.”“.

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Yassin pointed out that “the video shows the quality of solid waste as agricultural, household, industrial and vegetable types, and they are divided into two categories, such as fruit peels and food and inorganic waste such as glass, plastic and metals.” “.

He called for “to take advantage of waste paper and cardboard and from the tens of tons that are thrown into the central vegetable markets and pay the high costs of contractors, plastic and other materials and recyclable waste.”“.

The solution?

The Minister of Environment explained that the solution to waste disposal is “an integrated management of solid waste that, in turn, leads to the disposal of waste in a scientific and environmentally sound manner within the economic capabilities, and the stages include mitigating quantities, sorting them from the source, collecting and transporting them in a proper manner and treating them until they are landfilled.”“.

He added, “The stages of the solution include municipalities and local committees carrying out awareness campaigns to encourage residents to reuse nylon bags and give old clothes and toys to those in need instead of throwing them in garbage containers, and sorting from the source, which is carried out through the municipalities in the form of organic and recyclable materials.”“.

He stressed “the role of municipalities in organizing permanent awareness campaigns and securing containers and containers with an appropriate capacity for sorting waste, which are divided into 3 sections, while developing a plan for the distribution of containers in order to ensure the continuity of the sorting process and the collection of sorted waste that has value and the municipalities themselves can benefit from them.”“.

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And about the source of support for women in their homes to carry out operations waste sorting At home, he said, “There are several initiatives and the delivery of excretions, includingNadeeraTech and initiative LLRecycle”.

Yassin hoped the municipalities would “develop a plan for the treatment and final disposal of waste according to the appropriate environmental conditions, and here lies the role of the Ministry of Environment through the role of monitoring and evaluation.”

How do we generalize the sorting from the source and apply the principles? circular economy?

The Environmental Monitors page published an encouraging leaflet, in which it said, “You have to sort and we receive from you and pay in cash and we come to you in all areas. We receive all sorts of sortable waste from you, but we do not receive glass, cardboard and paper.”.”

The sources of environmental observers added to Sky News, “We assign to the citizen a special transport official in his receiving area, who weighs the quantities through a mobile scale, and according to the apparent weight, we pay in cash..”

She pointed out that “the prices are international and are not fixed as they are in dollars and that the minimum delivered quantities is 30 kg, which is 30 large bags paid to the cooperator with the project, and visualize the received quantities with the name and address.