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In-line six could be Mazda's last internal combustion engine

In-line six could be Mazda’s last internal combustion engine

Mazda, which recently introduced the new CX-60 on a new platform with primarily front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, is also developing six-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines for the platform. But what sounds like heavenly music to fans and old lovers may actually be a swan song.

The Automotive News Europe website quotes Joachim Koons, a member of the technical development team at Mazda’s European Development Center.

Not surprisingly, the automaker is preparing for very stringent emissions standards, with the Euro 7 standard due to come into force in two or three years and its wording still unknown. But for these engines to be the last generation of combustion engines is something new.

Mazda is so far one of the automakers that has not announced an expiry date for its internal combustion engines. Older reports suggest he wants to electrify the entire show by 2030 – but all kinds of hybrid drives are also hidden under the concept. The in-line six-cylinder cars are supposed to be mild hybrids.

Talking about the latest generation of internal combustion engines also does not mean the same thing as talking about the latest generation of the car model. While car models tend to have five to eight year life cycles, exceptionally – like the current Mazda 6 – a few years longer, engines can last longer with modifications. Preparation for “stricter standards” suggests that Mazda may have something like this scheme.

However, the Motor1 website does provide power and torque values ​​for this engine, possibly raw and below the Euro 6d standard. It should be 231 hp and 500 Nm on its own and 254 hp and 550 Nm with the Mild Hybrid. He also writes that diesel will be on offer throughout Europe with the possible exception of Norway.

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