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In numbers .. “Kawish” replied to Ahmed Moussa about the healthcare system in Egypt

Egyptian journalist, Osama Khawish, responded to his colleague Ahmed Moussa on a comparison between the health system in Egypt and its counterpart in Britain.

By the numbers, Kavish denied the validity of Moussa’s claim that Egypt is on track to become like the health system in Britain.

Citing official statistics from the two countries he monitored, he said; The government in Egypt allocates 108 billion Egyptian pounds to health, which is 4.7 billion pounds, while the equivalent system in Britain is 192 billion pounds, a huge difference.

He added that the Egyptian population is 103 million, Egypt has one doctor for every 1,500 citizens, British population is 65 million and England has one doctor for every 333 people.

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The total number of doctors in Egypt is 120,000, while a doctor’s salary ranges from 3 to 10 thousand Egyptian pounds. In contrast, there are 289,000 British doctors, with a doctor’s salary of £53,000.

Complementing the statistics, Kawish pointed out that 60,000 doctors have emigrated to Egypt, 66,000 foreign doctors are working in Britain, and 6,682 Egyptian doctors are registered in Britain. He pointed out that there are 662 public hospitals in Egypt and Egypt ranks 153rd in health care.

He also said; Egypt’s ranking is 153 in health care and 60 percent of the health system is Egyptian administrators and staff. By contrast, 1.5 million people work in the British health sector, and there are 1,229 public hospitals in Britain. He pointed out that the United Kingdom ranks second in health care and that 40 percent of the British health system is made up of nurses.

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Mekameleen satellite channel, in an earlier statement, announced that it will resume broadcasting after a gap of about a month following the closure of its studios in Istanbul, Turkey.

Qawish Al-Hiwar moved to two fillers from the channel, leaving the British channel after eight years of service, to take part in a new program on the new launch of the well-known opposition Egyptian channel.