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In preparation for Charles' coronation, the "Stone of Destiny" was transferred to London

In preparation for Charles’ coronation, the “Stone of Destiny” was transferred to London

What is the “Stone of Destiny”?

  • stillness stonealso known asThe stone of fate“or”coronation stone‘, is a rectangular block of red sandstone, which has been used for centuries in the coronation Scottish Kings.
  • The weight of this red sandstone is up to 152 kg
  • The stone is now found in the Crown Chamber of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
  • He will be carried by a team of experts, just before Charles’s coronation, and then sent back to Scotland.
  • Foundation “Historical Environment of Scotland” (HES) who administers Edinburgh Castle, will arrange for his transfer to Westminster AbbeyAccording to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

Recall that when she was crowned Elizabeth II Queen of 1953 in Westminster Abbey, her throne seated on the stone.

Take, steal and return

  • The Stone of Destiny remained a symbol of Scottish monarchy for centuries, and then was captured by English forces, led by King Edward Iin 1296, and was transferred to Westminster Abbey.
  • Edward I, known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots’, built his throne on stone, to show that he had conquered Scotland..
  • The stone remained there for hundreds of years, until Scottish nationalists stole it from Westminster Abbey in 1950, and returned it to Scotland.
  • The stone was found three months later, moved back to Westminster Abbey, just in time for Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, and remained there until 1996..
  • In 1996, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the removal of the stone from Scotland, it was returned – with the Queen’s approval – and placed in the Edinburgh Castle On Saint Andrew’s Day.
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