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In preparation for the May flight, the two Saudi astronauts are training to respond to emergencies

The Saudi Space Authority announced the launch date for a flight Astronauts Rayana Bernawi and Ali Al-Qarni for space on a historical scientific mission that will be next May of this year, and as soon as this date was announced, the astronauts began to undergo intensive training in preparation for any emergency situation during their first trip to space.

Emergency drills

The Saudi Space Authority reviewed Rayana Bernawi and Ali Al-Qarni’s emergency response exercises within the Hera simulation program. This type of training aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the mission crew to take appropriate measures for various emergency situations.

This flight is the beginning of a new era of Saudi space exploration, and before the official launch of the flight, the astronauts continue their intensive training with the aim of enhancing knowledge and contributing to the advancement of science to serve humanity.

It should be noted that a series of exercises are provided for the astronauts that simulate reality to ensure the success of the space mission. These exercises are held in specialized centers that simulate everything that the astronaut goes through during his journey, in the presence of equipment, devices and an atmosphere similar to all stages of the flight. AstronautThis step aims to prepare and prepare the astronauts through a series of exercises that simulate the work environment in outer space with the highest level of realism, in a way that guarantees the success of his mission, so that each trainee has a timeline in which he accomplishes his tasks.

Among the exercises that simulate reality during the astronauts’ journey into space are: launches and landings, systems testing, and simulation of vibrations, movements and noises.

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International Human Space Day

The Saudi Space Authority celebrated the International Day of Human Space Flight, corresponding to April 12, stressing that the journey of the Saudi astronauts will be a continuation of the march and a contribution to the service of humanity. For the human space flight We recall the achievements of humanity in the field of space exploration by looking forward to building a more prosperous and cooperative future among nations.

She concluded by saying, “As a team of Saudi astronauts, we thank God for giving us the opportunity to participate in being part of this scientific and civilized project, and we promise to work hard to achieve the aspirations of our dear homeland.”

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