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In retaliation for France, Britain threatens to intensify tests of European fishing vessels

In retaliation for France, Britain threatens to intensify tests of European fishing vessels

London on Friday threatened to step up inspections of European fishing vessels in British waters in response to France’s retaliation for post – Brexit fishing licenses.

A British government spokesman said in a statement that it “intends to launch a dispute resolution mechanism provided for in the post – Brexit trade agreement”, which “includes a full review of EU fishing activities in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom”. . “

Amid rising tensions between Paris and London over the issue, fishmongers ‘associations concerned with the safety of French fishermen have said they support Paris’ decision to take tough action against Britain from next Tuesday.

France has announced that it will ban British fishing boats from unloading their cargo in French ports and will tighten customs control procedures on ships or trucks from the United Kingdom unless French fishermen are licensed to fish in Britain. Water.

Jersey Island government: “Great disappointment” over actions announced by Paris

For its part, the government of the island of Jersey under British sovereignty expressed “great disappointment” at the measures announced by Paris on Wednesday, which will take effect on November 2. The island announced the issuance of about twenty new licenses to French boats, most of which were temporary.

The French government and fishermen say they have not complied with the London Brexit agreement by tightening the conditions for fishermen to enter British waters. Fishermen in the French port of Boulogne-sur-Mer have welcomed the “retaliatory” measures threatened by the French government.

The strengthening of French authorities’ control over British vessels began with the imposition of fines on two British fishing vessels. And returned to the port of Howre.

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France threatens to reconsider energy supply to UK

France has not ruled out the possibility of reconsidering its energy supply to the United Kingdom, which has threatened to “increase the cost of electricity supplied by submarine cables to the British Channel Islands off the country’s northwest coast”. In more competitive areas, London and Jersey have issued more than 210 final licenses to Paris, demanding an additional 200 licenses.

According to a British government spokesman, he stressed that his government had agreed to 98% of the EU’s license applications for fishing in UK waters, while Paris claimed 90%.

London: “Britain to review measures to retaliate against French threats”

In this context, Britain’s Brexit Secretary David Frost has said that France’s threats are disappointing, and that London has announced that Britain will examine the steps needed to retaliate against the French threats and will recall the French ambassador in retaliation for Paris’ retaliation.

France has called for a united European position in cooperation with the United Kingdom

France called for a united European position and called on the European Commission to convene a meeting of the Union Council between the EU and Britain “as soon as possible.” “No other issue of European cooperation with Britain can proceed without the restoration of confidence and the full implementation of the agreements signed,” the statement added.

What does the Brexit agreement say about the fishing issue?

Under the post-Brexit agreement between London and Brussels at the end of last year, European fishermen could continue to work in certain British waters on the condition that they be licensed, provided they could prove it. They used to fish there.

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The post-Brexit agreement marks a transition period to the summer of 2026, when European fishermen give up 25% of their catch in British waters, after which the agreement provides for an annual review of the issue.

Fishermen in the EU will have access to areas between 6 and 12 nautical miles off the British coast until the summer of 2026. To obtain licenses, French vessels must prove to British authorities that they first fished in the area during the 2012-2016 reference period.