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بعد أزمة المصايد.. بريطانيا تهدد برد مماثل على فرنسا بتعطيل التجارة

In the aftermath of the fishing crisis, Britain threatens to disrupt a similar response to France

06:59 pm

Friday 29 October 2021

London – (dpa):

The United Kingdom has threatened to respond to French threats to disrupt trade as tensions between the two sides escalate in a bitter fight between the two sides over access to fishing (Brexit) after Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Friday that the French threats were a violation of Britain’s exit agreements with the European Union.

He added that the British would consider launching a dispute resolution process that would include “strict law enforcement and monitoring of EU fishing activities in UK territorial waters”.

France argues that their boats have been unfairly denied permission to fish in British waters. It warned earlier this week that it would take retaliatory measures, including suspending trade flow across the English Channel and raising energy prices to the British Channel Islands, if French boats were not granted additional clearance by November 2.

On Thursday, Clement Bonn, the French foreign minister for European affairs, said the British government understood only the language of “power”.

Today, Time Radio quoted British Environment Secretary George Eustace as saying that fisheries’ responsibilities include: “This is a very provocative move and a misguided approach to things.”

The UK summoned the French ambassador on Friday to explain the “disappointing and disproportionate” threats.

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