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In the collection of spring food in the Czech Republic, people live in

In the collection of spring food in the Czech Republic, people live in

In the Czech Republic Spring Food Group, people in more than 800 stores donated 318 tons of goods to those in need. Of this, 286 tons of food and 32 tons of hygiene items, which food banks also provide to the needy.

The food was collected under strict hygienic conditions on Saturdays and in some stores today. Until May 2, people can also donate food and a pharmacy by shopping online.

This year’s Spring Food Group managed to collect about 30 percent more goods than it did in Spring 2019. Last year, the Spring Round did not happen due to a pandemic, and in the fall people donated a record 713 tons of food – what is usually chosen for the duration A whole year.

This year, according to the event spokesperson, Miroslav Denga, the number of grocery stores increased.

“The statistics clearly show that the number of needy people who depend on the help of food banks has grown by tens of percent last year. The reason is the Coronavirus pandemic that has deprived many people of their jobs.” Veronica Lachova, director of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, said this Linked to the lack of financial resources that would cover at least the most essential necessities of life.

The food group is one of the largest charitable events in the Czech Republic and thousands of people participate in the ranks of volunteers, store employees and non-profit organizations across the country. In hundreds of stores, people can also donate goods purchased on the go out to ready-to-go shopping carts. The donated goods will be distributed from the food bank warehouses through charitable organizations to the needy.

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“The coronavirus epidemic has plagued the Czechs for more than a year and its negative impacts on the lives of the residents are really being felt. That is why I am really happy that the Spring Tour of the Food Collection has occurred and that all the large retail chains, including the two major pharmacy networks in the Czech Republic I have once again shared the idea of ​​helping the needy, ”Tomas Broza, President of the Association for Trade and Tourism (SOCR). He mentioned that the chains are expanding their activities, providing logistical capabilities, and increasing the continuous and infrequent donations of food banks.

This year, Albert, Billa, Globus, Kaufland, Lidl, MAKRO Cash & Carry, Penny Market, Tesco and two important pharmacy networks – dm drogerie markt and ROSSMANN – joined the idea of ​​helping those in need. Online stores Koší, and iTesco have also joined the Food Collection.

The food group is organized by the Czech Federation of Food Banks, the Federation of Trade and Tourism of the Czech Republic, together with the main retail chains operating in the Czech market, the Association for Social Responsibility, the Raben Logistics Czech, and partners of the non-profit sector. The group has been held since 2013, since 2019 it is held twice a year. (CTK)