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In the manner of Muhammad Ramadan.. melodies inside the cockpit of a plane

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The artist, Angham, shared her followers with a new photo through her account on the social networking site Instagram, from inside the cockpit of a plane during her travels to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in preparation for a concert today, Saturday, as part of the summer season concerts in Saudi Arabia.

Angham commented on the photo, saying: “I drove” the plane with one hand, thank you to the crew of the Saudi plane for your kindness and good reception.

The pictures sparked a state of controversy, and were compared to pictures of Muhammad Ramadan inside the cabin of the plane, which caused a major crisis, as a result of which the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr was suspended from work permanently, and he sued Muhammad Ramadan, wondering if Angham would receive the same attack as Ramadan or not. .

Angham had revealed the latest developments in her health condition, after she underwent two shoulder surgeries, saying: “I had an injury for many years, for example from 2011, and I was treated with cortisone at the time, which is a long-term pain reliever.”

“Angham” added, during a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program broadcast on MBC Egypt: “He was in very difficult pain in the shoulder, and the development of the entire arm began, and I took a lot of myself, and I did not intend to enter the operations, but I discovered that I was suffering from One tendon was severed and another was threatened with severing.”

And she continued, “I was going out to parties and enduring severe pain, and I did not get painkillers, because her symptoms are dangerous for me, and I had a shoulder operation through a doctor working in Germany.”

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She added, “I had bleeding in my shoulder from my face, due to my self-imposition for a long time, and I got a general anesthesia during the operation, and my shoulder treatment continues for 6 weeks, and then I start the stage of physical therapy after that.”

This is Angham’s first concert after recovering from shoulder surgery.

Over the past few days, Angham underwent a delicate shoulder surgery after being transferred to the hospital as a result of severe fatigue, which worsened after years of multiple injuries and major problems with the shoulder tendons.

It is noteworthy that the latest work of the artist Angham was recently released by the song “Bad Painting” through her official YouTube channel, the song was written by Nader Abdullah, composed by Tamer Ashour, distributed by Tarek Madkour, and the song gained nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

Angham participated in the last episode of “The Choice 3” by singing the national anthem with her voice at the end of the episode, and Angham said on her Instagram account: “Thank you, my country, for this honor and honor and this medal. And Akram, thank you very much, and may God have mercy on the martyrs of Egypt and put them in spacious gardens.” Long live Egypt Angham.