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In the near future, BMW could change its appearance in dozens of color combinations

BMW i Vision Dee is a futuristic mid-range sedan. His name “D” stands for Digital Emotional Experience.

It’s not just a technology show. Given the bold and complex design of current BMW cars, it’s interesting that this concept heralds a simplification of forms. The car has a wide front grille that follows the headlights, a sedan silhouette, smooth surfaces and a streamlined rear.

Inside, digitization goes hand in hand with a reduction in the amount of materials, controls and displays. The steering wheel’s unconventional design with a pair of vertical arms impresses with a pair of prominent controls that come to life when you approach or touch them and can be operated with the movement of your thumb. These touch elements ensure, for example, the selection of content projected onto the windshield.

The concept’s head-up display enables projection across the entire width of the windshield. The standard large-area projection shape on the windshield will be available on models on the Neue Klasse platform from 2025.

To make the car talk to you

“With the BMW i Vision Dee concept, we are showing what is possible when hardware and software are perfectly connected. In this way, we can fully exploit the potential of digitization and turn the car into an intelligent companion, ”said Oliver Zepsey, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW.

The digital experience begins outside the vehicle, with a personalized welcome display that combines graphic elements with light and sound effects.

For example, the headlights and the radiator grille enclosed on a uniform surface form a common element that allows the vehicle to create different “facial” expressions. According to the automaker, the concept can speak to people while at the same time visually expressing moods such as joy, surprise, or approval. The car can also display the driver’s avatar image on the side window.

Colorful as you like

Following last year’s premiere of the BMW iX Flow with color-changing E Ink technology, BMW is introducing a full-colour version of the technology covering the concept car’s exterior.

Thanks to this innovation, instead of switching between black and white like last year’s concept, the Vision Dee displays a multi-colour, fully variable and individually configurable exterior color scheme. A chip containing electronic ink paper is placed on the body. It is she who can create a display of up to 32 colors.

The surface of the concept’s body is divided into 240 parts, each of which is independently controlled and changes color. Thanks to this, an infinite number of styles can be created and changed in seconds.

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