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In the science of foolishness |  Ibrahim Al-Jebin

In the science of foolishness | Ibrahim Al-Jebin

If this was happening for the first or tenth or hundredth time, we would consider it a serious matter, but may God have mercy on those who said that if history repeats itself, it seems like a farce, funny and ridiculous. And in our Arab world, God has afflicted us with a group known to everyone who believes that it is empowered by heaven to carry out a single and second act, repeating it and adding to it whenever people forget what it did previously, enjoying every time making the same historical mistakes.

Dazzling perseverance has become more of a caricature than a weighty trajectory. But the persistence of such a phenomenon does not only cause cynicism, but also calls for a re-examination of what we might call “the science of foolishness.” We were preceded by the great scholars of the Arab past who discovered the existence of such a case and considered it worthy of the reader’s amusement, so they put huge books and volumes in it. Not only here, but in the Western world as well, I read George Bernard Shaw as saying that humanity “would have been happy a long time ago, if men had used their genius not to commit follies, instead of fixing the follies they had committed.”

A group that sees people walking on a certain road, then chooses to walk the opposite of that road, and sees logic saying one thing, and then says something else, not for nothing but its conviction that this is a kind of sharing and supernatural political intelligence.

Creation fights corruption, so we hear about a secret alliance that includes this group with major corrupt people. People get fed up with their living conditions, so you find the group making deals with those who make their lives difficult for people. The world stands against extremism, so we see that this group feeds extremism under the pretext that it is an act that it cannot do on its own, so let the mob and the common people do it on their behalf.

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Certain situations require dealing with wisdom and tact, so the group surprises you with an indiscretion that no teenagers can show. The far, the near, the wise, the ignorant, the blind, and the insightful are certain that Iran is the cause of calamity in the east, occupies four Arab capitals and spreads devastation and destruction from “Beirut to Sana’a, to Levant and Baghdad.” This group hastened to ally with Satan, kiss Khamenei’s hand, swipe the legs of the Revolutionary Guards and glorify those whom it calls The “martyr” Qassem Soleimani raised his picture in the streets, and Al-Houthi targets other Arab countries with his terrorism, so the group meets with Al-Houthi and coordinates with him. What political cunning is this that leads her to such genius ideas!

A situation that does not accept reform, does not deem it necessary and does not feel the need for it, and therefore it should be left to time until it rots and withers completely, its soft values ​​​​there is no solution and no medicine for it, and the poet was truthful when he said, “The enemies do not reach from the ignorant, what the ignorant reaches from himself.” How much trouble does the community save over others?