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In the US, Amazon agrees: employees are forced to urinate in bottles

Amazon employees are sometimes forced to urinate in plastic bottles. It seemed to be a myth, a cinematic fiction like director Ken Loach’s latest film “Sorry We Lost You”. Instead it is true, months after denying it, the company now accepts it. “We are aware that our drivers have difficulty locating toilets due to traffic or off-road traffic, which is very common during Govt epidemics, when many public toilets are closed,” the company acknowledged.

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The controversy comes after controversy erupted over a tweet by Mark Chapman, a Democrat in the US Chamber of Commerce. “Paying your staff $ 15 an hour will not turn you into a sophisticated workplace – he told e-commerce – if you force your employees to urinate in plastic bottles”.

The company initially denied it, but later several American media outlets reported numerous reports from employees who testified to the existence of the practice, and some of these even reported internal documents, confirming how well known even the company’s executives were.

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Then the company was forced to return: “We have to apologize to Bogan,” he said. The first response to the MP was “drivers were not taken into account” and “misunderstood” focused on our distribution centers where employees could “leave their workstations at any time” and visit “dozens of bathrooms” for them. Arranged.

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The company added that Amazon’s drivers’ problem is “long-lasting” and “affects the entire industry”: “We want to solve the problem, we do not know how, but we will look for solutions,” he promised. Bogan’s response is ready: “Sigh,” he tweeted. “This is not about me, your employees, you are not being treated with enough respect and dignity. You are beginning to recognize the inappropriate working conditions you have created for all your employees.”

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This is the first time in the country that Amazon has drawn attention in the United States to a vote on creating a union in a warehouse in Alabama. The results have not yet been announced.