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In the video, a Russian spy ship is moving west of the United States

And the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced, in comments to the media, that it is monitoring the ship’s movements off the US Hawaiian Islands.

The US Coast Guard had said it was tracking the ship, as tensions continued between Washington And Moscow against the background of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, which has been going on for 11 months.

Coast Guard statement

• “In recent weeks, he continued US Coast Guard Surveillance of a Russian vessel, believed to be an intelligence-gathering vessel, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands.

• “The situation is not abnormal, but we are following it closely.”

• “While foreign military vessels may transit freely through the exclusive economic zone of the United States in accordance with customary international laws, foreign-flagged military vessels have often been observed operating and loitering within the Coast Guard Response Area of ​​the Fourteenth District.”

• “We continue to coordinate with the partners of the Ministry of Defense, and provide updates on the movements and activities of foreign ships in accordance with international maritime standards.”

This is not the first time that ships have sailed to spy Russian suspect off the coast United StateAccording to the US news network CNN.

In 2019, a Russian spy ship was sighted off the coast of the southeastern US, while two US officials said this was “unsafe” because it was not using lights in foggy weather, and was not responding to attempts by merchant ships to communicate with it, with the aim of avoiding possible accidents.

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