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In the video, a tiger betrays its trainer in a “horrific attack”

The coach, Ivan Orfei, 31, was attacked PredatorCircus Marina Orfei, Lecce, southern Italy.

Horrific footage shows the moment of the attack, as the tiger crept behind the trainer, who was giving instructions to another tiger, and pulled him to the ground by his leg before jumping on his back and biting him in separate areas of his body.

The coach was taken to the hospital with deep wounds in the neck, leg and arm, but fortunately he escaped from almost life-threatening injuries and left the hospital at a later time.

and isolated Tiger who carried out the attack, in order to undergo veterinary medical examinations.

Circus management statement regarding the incident on Facebook:

• “Our world is full of intense love for animals, as Evan himself demonstrates to audiences in his performances.”

• “Tigers are wonderful animals, and taming them and establishing a relationship of trust with humans is an art that goes back hundreds of years, not only in the circus world.”

• “However, accidents can happen, and the courage shown by those in this profession like Evan is to be commended.”

• “Evan, a very talented professional trainer, was injured during the show. Fortunately, he sustained minor injuries and his condition is not a cause for concern.”

The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) said the attack was “evidence of the need to implement a law banning the appearance of the animals Wild in circus activities.

For years, the non-governmental organization associated with many United Nations bodies has asked various governments of the world to reform the law on the exploitation of animals for recreational purposes.

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The organization’s president, Massimo Comparuto, said in a statement: circus Months of deprivation, abuse and suffering disappear, so it is no wonder that such incidents occur.”

“The animals that perform in the circus live captive behind bars in a limited space, and are under constant pressure. They live lives contrary to their nature and sometimes they rebel,” Komaroto added.