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In the video.. an urgent decision regarding Muhammad Sharif, the departure of Kahraba, and the transfer of Marwan and Nasser to Future

In the video.. an urgent decision regarding Muhammad Sharif, the departure of Kahraba, and the transfer of Marwan and Nasser to Future

The sports journalist and former Al-Ahly club player, Ahmed Schubert, announced the transfer of the first football team duo in the Red Castle, Marwan Mohsen and Nasser Maher, to the Future team during the current summer transfer period.

Marwan and Nasser move to Future

Schubert added on his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “Officially, Marwan Mohsen is in Future, and Nasser Maher is joining him after Al-Ahly agreed to Future’s offer and rejected the Pyramids offer.”

The Al-Ahly club’s board of directors had rejected the departure of Nasser Maher to the Pyramids team, due to a dispute over the financial compensation to complete the deal, as the Red Castle requested 15 million pounds, while Pyramids offered 7 million pounds to include the player.

Urgent decision regarding Mohamed Sharif

The media, Saif Zaher, confirmed that there is an urgent and new decision from Al-Ahly Club regarding the first football team striker with the Red Genie, Mohamed Sharif, as the Red Castle decided to amend Mohamed Sharif’s contract financially in the current period, and the player will complete his contract with Al-Ahly in the coming seasons.

And there was a session between the South African coach of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, Pitso Mosimane, with Mohamed Mahmoud in the past hours, during which the coach promised him to give him an opportunity to participate in the upcoming matches.

The decision to leave Kahraba from Al-Ahly

The name of the first football team player in Al-Ahly club, Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, was associated with leaving the Red Castle during the current summer transfer period, as there were news that the player’s relationship with the team’s coach, Pitso Musimani, was strained due to the new deals that the Red Castle succeeded in including.

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A source confirmed that Kahraba is continuing with Al-Ahly club and is not thinking of leaving, and that the South African coach, Betso Musimani, did not request the player’s departure and wants him to stay because he is convinced of his level and his role with the team.

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