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In the video, Hala al-Badr, Britain is a strong friend and ally

In the video, Hala al-Badr, Britain is a strong friend and ally

  • Sunny Ahmed: Long working British visa takes 6 working weeks, 15 days for “express” and 48 hours for “electronic”

Osama Diab

Sheikh Hala Al-Badr reaffirmed that Britain is a strong and loyal friend and ally of Kuwait, pointing to the UK’s participation in this year’s Platinum celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s enthronement by establishing cultural events and functions. To highlight the commonalities between the two countries.

Al-Badr, who opened the exhibition “Britain in Watercolor” yesterday, said such events were aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and that more than 15 watercolor paintings by ancient British watercolors were on display. Symbols Kuwait Sadhu, with a combination of sadhu art and geometric shapes used in weaving.

He added: “Introducing the audience to the history of British landmarks and introducing them to the beauty of martial arts is a new and beautiful idea, and it is the second social event hosted by Kuwait to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Festival. It is a testament to the interest of the people of the country to contribute to the strengthening of relations in various ways.

He recalled that 70 years ago in Kuwait the Queen’s coronation ceremony was held in 1953 in Ahmadi by the Kuwait Oil Company and was celebrated at the Al-Mudamidiya House in Kuwait. In another celebration attended by the ruling family and men of Kuwait, the British Commissioner in the House of Tasman currently emphasizes the “British Embassy”, emphasizing the depth of relations with Britain, which he described as “historic and archaic”, and pointed out that we consider Britain to be a strong and loyal friend and ally of Kuwait. .

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In turn, the British Deputy Ambassador to the country, Sunny Ahmed, called on those wishing to obtain a long-term British visa to submit applications in advance, noting that the duration of the visa, if normally submitted, would take 6 jobs. Weeks, Express Visa “Premium” takes 15 working days, i.e. 3 weeks from the date of submission.

Ahmed pointed out that the reason for the delay was the large number of applications submitted for long-term visas, and advised those who wish to travel soon to avail of the electronic “exemption” visa, which is only 48 hours. The Embassy is launching an awareness campaign for students seeking to study at universities.

In his speech on behalf of the Ambassador, Jaber Al-Hindal expressed his delight at attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled “Britain in Watercolor” to continue the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The relationship between the people of the two countries over the centuries, the year 2022 is the year of culture and creativity and the jubilee is its main distinguishing feature.

Artist Jaber al-Hendel expressed his delight at hosting the exhibition, which features 15 paintings that reflect the depth of relations between the two countries. For photography.

Al-Hindal explained that he had chosen in his paintings three types of flowers to represent each part of the United Kingdom, which blended with the geometric patterns of the two countries’ cultures and the interdependent ones.