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In the video.. Heba Al-Dari bids farewell to a year of her life and receives the new one

broadcasted by the artist Heba Aldari A short video clip, in which she appeared to bid farewell to one year of her life and receive the new one.

Heba celebratedher birthdayAnd her followers on “Instagram” shared snapshots of the occasion, in which she wore a pink dress, and grabbed two numbers, 39, then 40revealing her age.

She also published pictures, which she took during a photo session, in which she appeared in a pink dress amid balloons and flowers in the same color, and appeared in another while holding a cake in her hand with one candle on it, and wrote: “A new age of 40 years of giving, grateful for all the blessings he gave me.” My Lord, I am grateful for all the love surrounded by it. This is the greatest blessing.. Every year and I am fine with the presence of those I love around me and with me.

It is noteworthy that on the blessed Eid Al-Adha, Heba presented the play “Zetoora” instead of the artist Hanadi Al-Kindi, along with Layali Dhrab, Muhammad Al-Haddad, Iman Faisal, Abdulaziz Al-Ways, Rahaf Al-Anzi, Hassan Abdul-Al, Rawan Al-Ali, Ahmed Al-Najjar, and the girl Al-Zain Burashid, from Written by Jassem Al-Jalahma, directed by Shamlan Al-Nassar, executive director Lulwa Al-Husseinan, assistant director Hamad Al-Failakawi, general supervision by Abdel-Mohsen Barak Al-Omar, administrative and financial supervision by Adnan Al-Omar, lyrics by Ali Bu Ghaith, and composed by Abdulaziz Al-Wais.

Wahba Al-Dari is an Egyptian actress, who lives in Kuwait. She started her artistic career at a young age in 1996 in the play “A’ Al-Makshaf.” She was able to master the Kuwaiti dialect as a result of her mixing with Kuwaiti society since she was four years old, and she is married to the artist Nawaf Al-Ali, and they have two sons, Badr and Fahd.

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Heba, the most important Kuwaiti drama star, participated in distinguished works, most notably the artist Hayat Al-Fahd, Suad Abdullah, Muhammad Al-Mansour, Hussein Al-Mansour, and Jassem Al-Nabhan. ”, “Beit Biot”, “The Spirit and the Vision”, “Afek Al-Khater”, “Margaret”, and “Hazrat Al Mawqif” which you recently presented.

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