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In the video.. Special looks from my lady with the influencer Sarah Abdullah for elegant and modern women

Every woman among us is always looking for renewed elegance and longs to know how to coordinate her look in an elegant way that attracts the attention of those around her and makes her an icon of fashion and beauty, so in the video below, you will find special looks from my lady with Sarah Abdullah; The Ahlan Hot 100 Award Winning Entrepreneur and Global Influencer Award Winner.
These high-end dresses summarize Sarah’s advice, which encourages women to choose the looks that suit the body of each of them, without her choices being determined by certain seasons and trends!

Upscale evening dresses

Long blue crepe and tulle dress

Sarah Abdullah in a long blue dress made of crepe fabric, with exposed hands
Sarah Abdullah in a long blue dress made of crepe fabric, with exposed hands

In this look, Sarah chose a long blue dress made of open-handed crepe fabric studded with stones at the chest area and decorated with a layer of transparent blue tulle with glass beads and shiny crystal lobes. It contains sparkling beads on top, so of course there is no need to wear a necklace or necklace, even if it is soft.
And remember that the azure and light blue colors are suitable for women with dark and wheatish skin.

Purple evening dress with a long cape

Sarah Abdullah in a purple evening dress with a long satin crepe cape

Secondly, Sarah Abdullah chose a purple evening dress with a long satin crepe cape for an elegant and modest look. Sarah chose an evening bag encrusted with shiny stones, in addition to a soft hairstyle, bronze makeup and black eyeliner with bright pink lipstick to complete her elegance.
And to be able to wear cape dresses successfully, make sure to coordinate it with high heels and diamond earrings with a bag that suits both.
And we advise you not to forget to take into account the story of the dress below the cap when choosing dresses with a cap, and for those with broad shoulders, we advise you to stay away from it completely.

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An elegant emerald green dress with feathers

Elegant dress in emerald green
Elegant dress in emerald green

Here, the influencer chose an elegant dress in emerald green for formal occasions, distinguished by soft feathers at the shoulder area, short sleeves, and a distinctive cut that shows the beauty of the slim waist model and its draping on the skirt towards the edge that reaches the floor.
To complete the look, Sarah wore a long earring decorated with crystals and a large diamond ring with a spherical handbag.
Here it must be noted that the fashion of feathers is still very much present, as for the cut of the dress, it is ideal for those with an hourglass or pear body, and if you are also a light-skinned person, then you have found your ideal dress, as the emerald green color will give you radiance.

Long puff sleeve dress

Long puff sleeve dress

Sarah shined in this look, and chose a pink dress with long puffy sleeves and a pink and reddish-orange skirt with a wide belt on the waist to highlight the beauty of your perfect body. Sarah also wore transparent high heel shoes with it, to be a wonderful look par excellence.
Puffed sleeves are perfect for those who want to hide their full hands and are the season’s fashion.

Here you can read more about puff sleeve top models!

Classic dress with distinction in a calm blue color

Classic blue dress

In the fifth look, Sarah chose a dress with a classic design with distinction in a calm blue color and a layer at the back. It flows over a long skirt with exposed drapes at the shoulders and features an opening at the neck. Because the dress is simple, Sarah decided that the make-up should be lively, and she used contouring on the entire face with brown and bronze eye shadows, in addition to black eyeliner and bright pink lipstick.
These styles of dresses are also suitable for those with slender bodies or those with an hourglass body.
As for those with broad shoulders, we advise them to stay away from them.

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Metallic blue metallic stretch jersey dress

Metallic blue metallic stretch jersey dress

In the end, Sarah Abdullah chose a metallic blue metallic elastic jersey dress with a narrow fit and a soft drape on the chest. This dress will show your femininity full of beauty and vitality, and is perfectly suitable for your special occasions to catch everyone’s attention.
Here, remember that metallic dresses usually suggest extra weight to the body, so choose it if you have a slender figure, while the blue metallic color is suitable for white-skinned women.

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