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In the video, Washington is preparing to supply Kyiv with the Hymers missile system

In the video, Washington is preparing to supply Kyiv with the Hymers missile system

The official said the The PentagonIn his statement to “Sky News Arabia”, the Ukrainian forces will receive, in the coming weeks, the “Hymers” artillery missile system, adding that this “does not threaten Russia“.

He noted that the Defense Support Group for Ukraine will meet in two weeks’ time Brussels It will announce a new military and defense aid package for Kiev.

The talk about the Hymers regime comes after the US president was excluded Joe Biden Supplying Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers “MLRS” capable of reaching Russian lands.

CNN quoted senior US officials as saying that the administration of Biden It is preparing to upgrade the type of weapons it provides to Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials, on more than one occasion, have called for “stronger and heavier weapons” to counter the continued advance of Russian forces, which have recently focused all their efforts on the Donetsk and eastern Luhansk regions.

Hymers system

The Hymers (M142) is a highly mobile artillery rocket system, which is a light rocket launcher developed in the late 1990s for the US Army.

“HIMARS” carries six missiles or one “MGM-140 ATACMS” missile on the “FMTV” medium tactical vehicle, which weighs five tons.

It has a range of about 480 km, along with a launch speed of 85 km per hour.

The American “Forbes” website said that the “HIMARS” system, which is produced byLockheed MartinTo help the Ukrainian forces eliminate some Russian artillery units that were stationed in eastern Ukraine.