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In this way.. Ayman Motahar excited his followers for the events of the last episodes of the series "Al Haboub"

In this way.. Ayman Motahar excited his followers for the events of the last episodes of the series “Al Haboub”

The artist, Ayman Mutahhar, shared with his followers a video clip from one of the scenes of the series “Al Haboub”, which he participates in and is shown on Shahid platform Through his official account on “Instagram”.
The artist, Ayman Mutahar, appeared in the scene, bound with iron chains, and entered into a heated discussion with one of the characters in the work.
Mutahar attached a comment to the video, in which he noted that tomorrow the last episodes of the series will be shown, “Tomorrow, the last two episodes of the Al-Hobub series.”
In a previous interview with “My Lady”, Ayman Mutahhar said that he presents the character “Faisal during the events of the series, and he is a Saudi sniper in the southern border who was influenced in his upbringing by the personality of his uncle Saud, and Faisal is exposed to many difficult situations during the course of the story that revolves around his cousin’s search.” His reputation” presented by the artist Mila Al-Zahrani on the authority of her father, Saud Al-Aqrabi, who was lost in a time hole.
“Al Haboub” includes a number of stars, including Mila Al-Zahrani, Duraian Al-Durai’an, Zara Al Balushi And others, and the work is written by Faisal Fuhaid and directed by Ibrahim Al-Shukiri.

Cinematic activity

The movie “Kayan”, co-starring Samar Shisha and directed by Hakim Gomaa, will be screened by artist Ayman Mutahar in cinemas. The movie “Kayan” is Hakim Juma’s first feature film.
The events of the feature film “Kian” revolve around a Saudi couple who visit their friends, and circumstances lead them to spend a night full of anxiety and tension in a hotel, to find themselves confronting the ghosts of the past. It is starring Samar Shisha and Ayman Mutahhar, and directed by Hakim Jumaa. The movie “Kayan” is Hakim Juma’s first feature film.
It is noteworthy that the movie “Kian” was shown as part of the official competition films at the eighth session of the Saudi Film Festival, which launched its activities last June.
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On the other hand, the artist Ayman Al-Mutahhar participated in the series “Confessions of a Fashionista”, which was shown last year. The work includes a number of stars, including Maram Ali, Stephanie Atallah, Wissam Fares, Elias Zayek, directed by Mazen Fayed, and written by Sandrine Zeno.
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