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In this way, the US-EU climate axis can be restarted. Speak Stone Cutter (Brooker)

Brooks researcher Simon Tagliabetra explains why the April summit convened by Biden would be an opportunity to strengthen US-EU climate change by thinking about a joint carbon border line. More China …

After the European tour John Kerry, Special Climate Ambassador to the President Joe BidenThere is great anticipation for the climate summit scheduled for April 22, gathered by the President of the White House. An event that was also at the center of a phone call to Kerry Roberto Singolani, Minister of Environmental Change.

Second Simon Tagliapetra, A researcher in Brooklyn, Brussels, and a lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan. The United States “presents itself by declaring goals in line with the European ambition.”


There is a 50% reduction in climate neutrality by 2050 and pollution pollution by 2030 (close to 55% in Europe). This is an important opportunity for the collective development of strong climate change action, for example, China, which does not seem to have much confidence in accelerating the decarbonization process by 2030.


We were looking forward to the five-year plan presented last week. But we did not find that ambition expected in the next few years. Let’s not forget that China is the first emitter of greenhouse gases and seems to have opted for a “quieter” approach in the coming years, which marks the end of 2030. And this is an increase we have determined will be an obstacle in our efforts to return to limits.

What can the EU and the US do to force China?

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Together they can use trade leverage and collectively introduce a carbon border tax. To do this, you must first find an agreement by combining similar goals – we can already do this at the April Summit. We need to set policies to achieve the 2030 goals. There is a fit for 55 sets in Europe. The United States, on the other hand, will have to work harder on environmental regulation to achieve their goals, and will not be able to do much at the federal level. Carbon prices. Once this is done, the carbon boundary line can be introduced.

The most discussed issue at the European level these days is strategic autonomy, which is also in the Green Accord. But, as you have pointed out again and again (recently The world) The European Union must be prepared to manage the consequences of its relations with key neighbors Russia and Algeria and global players such as the United States, China and Saudi Arabia.

Many mistakenly believe that the goal of strategic autonomy is to seek a particular form of freedom. But not so. Rather, it means managing interdependence. We need to figure out how to deal with it so that we are not addicted to the outside world.

How to do?

With diversification in important fields such as minerals and metals. That is, by creating European supply chains. Americans do the same. President Biden signed Administrative Order For example, read the US supply chain for strategic minerals.

Again, are there any possibilities for the Atlantic Treaty?

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There are common challenges for the EU and the United States. We may also have common, emerging solutions Supply chain European. I would like to add one.

You are welcome.

They are not Western fantasies. The Chinese government has asked the West to assess its impact on security and renewables if it decides to introduce restrictions on the export of rare earths. So, deliver better.