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In Windows 11, there will be two Start menus.  One will be enough (Commentary) - Živě.cz

In Windows 11, there will be two Start menus. One will be enough (Commentary) – Živě.cz

Historically, in the first version of Windows 11, it was blamed, among other things, on access to gadgets, such as gadgets. I see three basic problems:

  1. The range of tools is poor,
  2. In addition, these are low-quality products that impose restrictions on interconnection with Microsoft services,
  3. Redmond Tools has moved to a separate list.

Another button has been added to the taskbar – and there are plenty of them in Eleven. I think having the extra button will survive. Especially when it’s easy to hide. But this placement is simply impractical for devices. I mainly visit the Start menu, where I launch programs that I didn’t pin to the taskbar.

The squares were in the beginning, we’ll put the tools somewhere else

In Windows 10, tools partially replace the active tiles. Just open Start and when I search for the desired program, I immediately see current weather information, calendar events, or the latest emails. The interaction may be a good superstructure, but the dry information is very valuable.

Gadgets in Windows 11 remain out of the question, and even several months into the operating system’s release, I can’t say I’m excited to look for them in a separate space. Microsoft itself indicates that it is not satisfied with the use, by trying to draw more attention to gadgets.

If the plans do not change, the tools will be located from version 22H2 On the left side of the taskbarIf you leave the icons in the middle. You will also attract attention with dynamic weather information, which will appear directly on the taskbar. In addition, the toolbar only appears when you hover over the icon.

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The tools were already there and didn’t end well

So you don’t have to click anymore. What do you say “notice me” more? But I think Microsoft is getting worse. The tools should be displayed, and in the case of Windows it’s the desktop and the Start menu. Ideally, the development team will work on both options, so everyone has a choice.

Click for a larger image

Integration with Start is offered directly. It may look similar to browsers, where in the new tab we usually find links to websites, but also a search box, and sometimes current weather information or a list of news from various Internet sources. In addition, we are used to it, because in Windows 10 we found active tiles in Start.

We also find some arguments for the region. We used to use desktop gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 before Microsoft destroyed them under the pretext of security. We have a lot of unused space on the desktop and we all move to the desktop. Even those who avoid getting started, because they have everything they need on their desktop, or pinned to the taskbar.

When you sew dozens of shirts of different colors

In addition, the search box on the web already has a Start Today, because you can enter queries into it, which you forward to Bing. (Here, we appreciate the freedom to choose a search engine.) From the start, the list of UI elements in Windows 11 includes a dedicated “bing” field.

Click for a larger image

In a way, Microsoft has been developing two Start offerings from the start, creating an impractical and schizophrenic condition. In this endeavor, it strengthens. By the way, the list of gadgets shows that Windows does not develop a unified team. These are smaller teams dedicated to their sub-projects, but management fails to oversee. So a coherent product is not always created.

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The menu with the widgets also has its own search box in addition to the start, plus the clock lights up at the top, but somehow we’re always within sight of the taskbar. (Lower right, in case you haven’t noticed.) I’m not sure if anyone from Microsoft ever used the gadget, because this schizophrenia must have caught someone in the eye. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple in my opinion.

Slice product

The fact that the display of the widget was created in agreement with the rest of the Windows development team is eloquently illustrated by the images above. Note that the widget menu uses a different opacity than the Mica texture used in every corner of Windows 11, including Start.

Either the mini creative team is frustrated or they don’t care about the job. Or no one told him what the rest of the system would look like. What do you guess?