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Inappropriate host of the UK.  The Christian martyr St. George never entered Great Britain

Inappropriate host of the UK. The Christian martyr St. George never entered Great Britain

A white flag with the symbol of Tiyagi George hangs in Nottingham City Hall, the largest in the country. In kindergartens and schools, children wear red and white clothes and bells in English churches celebrate this traditional national holiday. However, the host is very common with St. George England. Although only a small amount of information about him has been preserved, one thing is for sure, he is certainly not an Englishman

Symbol of the Christian faith

St. George was born into a Christian family Parts of present-day Turkey. His parents were ethnic Greeks and his mother was born in Roman Palestine. As an adult, he joined the army, where he celebrated victory and rose to the top of the ranks. He eventually became the bodyguard of the Roman emperor Diocletian.

According to legend, he fell victim to imperial persecution in the early 4th century, at which time he refused to abandon the Christian faith in the memory of pagan gods. The emperor avenged him. He allowed them to be dragged through the streets, and then they were beheaded. The Sacrifice of a Christian Spread to the world in the 14th century as part of the Crusades.

St. George, also known as the Dragon Slayer, is often depicted on a white horse with a spear in his hand. How he kills the dragon. The legend of George and the Dragon was brought to Europe from the East by soldiers from the Crusades in the 12th century.

In connection with the English soldiers, a legend soon arose about how he appeared to them in the battle which he had successfully led them. The natives of present-day Turkey appeared as a symbol on the chests and backs of English soldiers.

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Multicultural revolt

In English culture, St. George is as important as St. Wenceslas in our country. The paradox of its origin, of course, has been criticized by some Englishmen, but its place in tradition is very deeply rooted.

It’s hard to imagine a white flag flying across it in civic buildings, football fields, town halls and anything changing. This is according to the majority of the population Multicultural revolt The meaning of English from the Middle East is excellent.

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