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Inauguration of a statue in France of Victor Hugo by Rodin

Inauguration of a statue in France of Victor Hugo by Rodin

Inauguration of a statue in France of Victor Hugo by Rodin

Saturday – 10 Jumada Al-Awwal 1444 AH – December 03, 2022 A.D. Issue number [

Hugo’s statue in his hometown (French TV footage)

Strasbourg (France): «Asharq Al-Awsat»

A statue of the French writer Victor Hugo, the work of his compatriot, the famous sculptor Rodin, was inaugurated in the city of Besançon, in which the writer was born, in eastern France.
The black bronze sculpture, two meters ten centimeters tall and weighing 250 kilograms, represents a walking Hugo, with signs of age on his face, but a strong and muscular body.
And the official at the Rodin Museum, Og Urban, noted that Hugo’s representation naked “is a rebellious choice that does not necessarily correspond to the spirit of that era.” He added that Rodin “was seeking above all, through this very strong design, to (…) express Victor Hugo’s creative capacity.”
The Swiss Pierre Gianada Foundation donated the statue, as its president, Leonard Gianada, wanted to correct what he saw as an “unfairness”, if he noticed that Rodin sculpted Victor Hugo on several occasions, but any work of the sculptor was not present in the writer’s site.
There are three copies of this bronze statue made using the mold prepared by Rodin. One of them is kept by the Gianada Foundation in Martiny (southwestern Switzerland), while a second copy remains in the Rodin Museum in Paris, in addition to the third in Besançon.



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