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Inauguration of the space of historical memory of the resistance and liberation in Jerada region

Today, Tuesday, the space of the historical memory of the resistance and liberation was inaugurated in the community of Ain Bani Muthar in the Jerada region, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 89th anniversary of the immortal battles of Mount Badou.

The realization of this space, which was inaugurated in the presence of an official delegation that includes, in particular, the High Representative of the former resistance fighters and members of the Liberation Army, Mustafa Al-Kathiri, the governor of the Jerada region, Mabrouk Thabet, elected officials and several personalities, required a financial envelope of 800 thousand dirhams.

This project was accomplished in partnership between the High Commissioner for the Veterans of the Resistance and members of the Liberation Army, the state of the East Region, the Region Council, the Jerada Regional Council, and the Ain Bani Muthar community, with the aim of contributing to preserving and preserving the historical memory of the resistance and promoting its values ​​for future generations.

This space contains, in particular, a gallery for displaying historical documents, manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, tools, and equipment such as weapons, clothing, and supplies that were used during the period of the national struggle, and a treasury for books and publications of the High Commission, in addition to an audio-visual hall, and administrative and health facilities.

Mr. Al-Kathiri stressed, in a speech by the way, that the creation of this space stems from the historical position that the region occupies in the map of the national movement and armed resistance against French colonialism, and from the volume of sacrifices, heroism and actions performed by the women and men of the tribes of the region against the colonial presence.

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He added that this space is an acknowledgment of these heroics through which the rising generation evokes the bright images of the epics made by the people of this region for the sake of the nation’s pride, freedom and independence, highlighting that this institution, which is open to its local, regional and regional surroundings, will work in permanent and harmonious coordination within a participatory framework with all activities from In order to crystallize a set of educational, educational and communication activities with the national and local historical memory.

Mr. Al-Kathiri mentioned that the delegate has prepared a work program that aims to create a network of historical memory spaces for resistance and liberation, which has so far reached 103 space units spread all over the country, in order to become nurseries for preserving and maintaining historical memory and schools for indoctrinating young people and new generations with the principles and values ​​of patriotism and positive citizenship.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the Moroccan people, along with the family of the national movement, the resistance and the Liberation Army, will commemorate the 89th anniversary of the glorious battles of Badou, which were the scene of the Mujahideen in Tafilalt in the summer of 1933, in the face of the expansionist ambitions of foreign presence and colonial domination and in defense of religious sanctities and national constants.

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