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منها "كثرة الكآبة".. الورداني يكشف 3 ظواهر ترتبت على الفتوى بغير علم

Including “a lot of depression” .. Al-Wardani reveals 3 phenomena that resulted from the fatwa

06:22 PM

Monday 14 March 2022

I wrote – Amal Sami:

Dr. Amr Al-Wardani, Secretary of the Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al-Ifta, spoke in his program “Do not make it difficult” broadcast on the first Egyptian channel, about the fatwa without knowledge, noting that there are several phenomena that resulted from the large number of fatwas without knowledge, the first of which is a lot of obsessiveness, the second of which is a lot of depression, and the third of which is dispersion, skepticism and lack of knowledge. Stability, and therefore, Al-Wardani says, whenever someone talks about correcting the religious path, he should talk about this issue.

Al-Wardani said that the fatwa is a “craft” and the mufti must have three characteristics, the first of which is that he has learned a respectable scientific method. Wonderful, and Al-Wardani gave an example of Imam Al-Shafi’i when he entered the Hanafi school and learned at the hands of our master Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Shaibani, and he also learned at the hands of Imam Malik.

The other thing that al-Wardani referred to in the characteristics and characteristics of the mufti is that the mufti should be trained in a package of skills in institutions that play the role of fatwa in an institutional manner, and train him in such a way that he avoids all the evils of a random fatwa. He maintains the secret and is methodical and deals very honestly with doctrinal issues. For example, he does not give fatwas to women in divorce fatwas, as the owner of the utterance of divorce must be dealt with, “but we force the woman’s mind and tell her, I wish you would stay with him while he was talking because if he forgot to think.”

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Al-Wardani said that we must reduce the level of fatwas and fatwas to the lowest levels by referring to the fact that institutions are the reference in issuing fatwas. Based on the method and professionalism.” Al-Wardani said that some wanted this because the presence of the reference makes society cohesive, stressing that the presence of strong institutions in Egypt preserve religion from the tampering of abusers, stressing that this is part of the prophet’s good news of the cohesion of the Egyptians.