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Including Russia.. messages addressed to several countries from Iran's attack on Erbil

Including Russia.. messages addressed to several countries from Iran’s attack on Erbil

In their interview with Sky News Arabia, experts considered that this bombing aimed to send several messages, in particular to Iraq, the United States and Russia.

In a statement, the Revolutionary Guard announced its involvement in the missile attack that took place at dawn on Sunday, on the city of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and targeted, according to it, “the strategic center of the Israeli conspiracy.”

Before the statement, Iranian state television announced that the missile attacks on the capital of Kurdistan Region It targeted “secret Israeli bases”.

On the other hand, the Counter-Terrorism Service in the Kurdistan Region announced that the attack was carried out with “12 ballistic missiles” fired “from outside the borders of the region, specifically from the east,” and that “they were directed at the American consulate, but they did not result in casualties, but were limited to damages. physical.

Iraq Presidency

Dr. Muhammad Al-Zogoul, a researcher in Iranian issueFirst, we remember that it is not the first time that Erbil has been subjected to missile attacks, whether from ISIS or the Popular Mobilization militias (affiliated with Iran in Iraq), but there is a message that the attack coincided with the selection of a president for Iraq, especially in light of the attempts of regional and international powers. To obstruct the constitutional process in the country.

Al-Zogoul also drew attention to the operation’s relationship with the course of the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, saying that Tehran wanted to confirm that it would not abandon the support of its loyal groups in the region, and wanted to test Washington’s reaction, especially since estimates indicate that the attack was targeting the American consulate.

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Message to Russia

According to Al-Zogoul, there is a message addressed to Russia as well; To arouse its interest in the current circumstances, as the powerful security and military elites in Tehran have a strong ambition for Russia to recognize Iran as its ally, and to ask it for help. In this case, Tehran will not hesitate to send fighters from the Revolutionary Guards to Ukraine, especially since Moscow tested them in Syria.

The political analyst considers that the administration of US President Joe Biden encouraged Tehran to go in this way, after Biden slackened in applying sanctions on Iran, and emptied the maximum pressure exerted by his predecessor Donald Trump on it; This has reduced the value of negotiating with it over its nuclear program, because many of the sanctions have become “formal.” It is likely, if the situation continues, that Tehran will limit the negotiations to a temporary nuclear truce.

Dr. Abdul Salam al-Qassas, a researcher in political science, agrees, who believes that the Iranian attack indicates Iran’s future policy in the region, which is to continue supporting its armed militias in such a country, and that this will not be bargained for in the nuclear agreement.

He pointed out that the Erbil operation comes at a time when Iran commemorates the killing of the commander of the Quds Force in the Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, and the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, in an American raid in Iraq in 2020.