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“Increase your sales by 100%”

Online trading is increasing, but sales are also increasing Vending machines. These are places where stores are closed or limited to opening only at certain times Catering offers to buy prêt-p-porter Food, Drinks e Foods Is already ready 24 hours. And not just bad quality. You can see this in some Artisan pizza, Hot Raman Soups e First choice meats. But boxes with all the things to do cannoli e tiramisu.

Pizza is good at tasting good food on vending machines

Daklin Kennelly is the CEO of Basil Street Pizza is good at tasting good food In vending machines. In three minutes she can watch herself cook the pizza she bought herself and then take it away immediately. Because the restaurant market saw huge losses Govt, US company raised $ 10 million for the project. He plans to build another 200 ATMs Texas e California.

Automated distributors are also in practice in Europe

But the vending machine trade is not limited to the United States. It is also doing well in Europe. And one of the owners of Stellina Pizzeria, Antonio Madrasso, began selling tools for making bolognese and Casio e Pepe for 25. Even within the same offices.

Closing restaurants at airports was decisive

Sweets are not bad either. Don Meshes, CEO of Sprinkles Cupcake, was one of the first bakeries to start selling small fluffy cakes in the United States. Sales increased 100% Compared to last March. The increase was also due to the forced closure of several airport restaurants, thus allowing ATMs to grow in sales.

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Anti-infective technologies

And the latest technologies have made it possible to make even products sold at distributors safer. Even during epidemics. Since there is no need to touch anything, there is a chance to use the app on some. You can take home what you want with one click.

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