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Increasing calls within the Renaissance for the departure of Ghannouchi… and a decisive meeting tomorrow

It is expected that a meeting of the Shura Council of the Ennahda Movement will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, to discuss the latest national and partisan developments, according to the movement’s leader, Imad Al-Hamami.

Al-Hamami confirmed thatConsider a new young leadership As a temporary body to run the movement’s affairs and manage its business, it will be at the Shura Council’s table,” calling for the departure of the movement’s leader, Rashid Ghannouchi, and the exemption of the entire executive office from its duties, according to what he said in a statement to the local media on Monday evening.

Emad Al-Hammy

Al-Hamami considered that President Kais Saied’s activation of Article 80 of the constitution and the declaration of exceptional measures is a “courageous decision”, stressing that the Tunisian president “has assumed his historical responsibility and caused a shock in order to go towards a democracy that ensures the solution of the people’s problems,” as he put it.

In turn, Rashid Al-Kahlani, head of the “youth sector” in the Ennahda party, said today, Tuesday, that “the National Youth Council issued a list to Rached Ghannouchi,” the movement’s leader, calling on him to Making Decisions Emphasizing “Absorbing Political Messages” Behind President Kais Saied’s decisions last week.

Rashid Al-Kahlani

Rashid Al-Kahlani

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted al-Kahlani as saying in an interview: “The majority of the movement’s youth want a national leadership, the majority of which are young people, to run the movement’s affairs in the transitional phase.”

Al-Kahlani pointed out that “the formation of a national leadership for the rescue will be a start The path of renewal in executive leadership within the movement with the aim of saving the political track in the country.”

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It is noteworthy that Ghannouchi had decided to postpone the meeting of the Ennahda Shura Council, which was scheduled for the end of last week, amid sharp divisions, resignations and calls to correct the movement’s course.