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Independent: British Ministry of Defense denies news reports on the conversion of its nuclear submarines


Naval Base – Scotland

The Independent newspaper reports that the British government has denied secret plans to move its nuclear submarines abroad in the event of Scottish independence.

A British Defense Ministry spokesman said there were no plans to move the submarines.

“The UK is deeply committed to maintaining its independent and reliable nuclear blockade at the Clyde naval base, which is to prevent the most serious threats to the UK and our NATO allies,” the newspaper quoted officials as saying.

The newspaper continued: “Skyland and the United Kingdom have no plans to remove the nuclear blockade from the Clyde naval base, which contributes to security and the economy.”

“Contrary to a recent press release, there are thousands of jobs in Scotland that support nuclear prevention and its support,” the department’s press office later wrote on Twitter.

This comes after the British newspaper “Financial Times” quoted informed sources as saying that the country’s authorities had drawn up plans to transfer the country’s nuclear submarines from Scotland to the United States or France in the event of Scotland’s independence.

According to the Financial Times, Britain has three options after the formation of “an independent Scottish state against nuclear weapons”.

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The second option is to transfer British nuclear bases to friendly countries such as the United States or France, which would be the preferred option for the UK Treasury because it would require minimal capital investment.

The third option is to negotiate a new British overseas territory within an independent Scottish state with bases in Vaseline and Colport.

Source: Financial Times, The Independent