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Indianapolis shooters confiscated a rifle last year, then bought two

Indianapolis shooters confiscated a rifle last year, then bought two

Police described the weapons used in the bloodshed Thursday night as “assault rifles.” Sticks, then 19, killed eight people with them in a logistics center near Indianapolis airport. Then a former FedEx employee committed suicide.

He bought the rifles in July and September of last year, according to information from the New York Times. In March, Hall was briefly placed in a psychiatric hospital after his mother informed the police that he might attempt “suicide through the police”. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers confiscated his rifle, the FBI said.

The law did not help

His guns were confiscated under a 2005 state law that allows Indiana authorities to confiscate guns in the event that signs of their potential inclination to violence emerge. Then the case is referred to the court, which decides whether an individual should be prevented from possessing weapons for a certain period of time. If the judge does not agree, the seized weapon is returned to its owner. As for Holea, it was not entirely clear whether a trial had taken place in his case, but the police never returned the gun to him, the New York Times writes.

According to the Associated Press, the law in the Midwest state is designed so that a person identified by court as a “direct threat” to the environment cannot possess or purchase firearms. US Senator Indiana Todd Young expressed doubts Sunday about whether the law was actually enforced. The Indianapolis leadership said the findings were closely tracked and monitored for potential failures “in red flag lawsuits,” as proposed by law.

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“An artillery rifle was confiscated but he managed to get rifles,” said Jajanpal Dalwal of the local Sikh community, which lost four in the shooting last week. “We must ensure that weapons do not end up in the wrong hands,” he added.

The Hall family apologized to the survivors at the weekend, saying they were trying to get the young man “the help he needs.” The motive of his attack at the weekend remained unclear.