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Information you didn't know about the sun and the space marvel star

Information you didn’t know about the sun and the space marvel star Follow the latest news through the app

There can be no life on planet Earth without the presence of the sun. It is the source of light, heat and warmth and provides man, plants and living organisms with what he needs for life, but the sun is full of secrets that scientists have not discovered, most of which are due to its high temperature and the inability to approach it at a certain percentage.

The sun has a number of things that distinguish it from planets and stars. If you cannot look at the sun because of its brightness and large size, then know that it is just a dwarf that is not equal to anything in front of the majority of stars that you see daily in the night sky.

Among all those stars that you see in the night sky, there are only a few of them in the size of the sun, and the sun appears large and bright only because it is closest to us, unlike those stars that are millions of light years away, and among the largest of those stars that exist in our galaxy, there is, for example, the star (Yu UY Scuti), and this star is called the wonder of space by scientists, as it possesses some information, most notably:

1- If you need 1,300,000 planets the size of the Earth to reach the size of the Sun, this star is 5 billion times the size of the Sun.

2- If, for example, we put it in the place of the sun, its photosphere will swallow up the orbit of Jupiter, =.

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3- To cross a drop only, you will need to fly a jet plane traveling at a speed of a thousand kilometers per hour for more than a thousand years without stopping.

4- It is about 9500 light years away from Earth.

5- It is more than 100,000 times brighter than the sun.

6- The strange thing is that it is just a point of light that is hardly seen in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which in turn is just a speck of dust in the universe.

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