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Inhale and exhale…the earth is breathing (video)

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Many scientists have confirmed that our blue planet, like the rest of the creatures that live on it, “metaphorically”, performs the process of breathing, with its two main parts, inhalation and exhalation, but in the special way of the Earth.

The video, which was shared by a scientist with the aim of explaining this process, shows that the already moving continents shrink during the summer, indicating the times and places in which plants grow that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which represents the process of inhalation.

Conversely, when winter sets in, the continents appear to swell, indicating that vegetation is dying and carbon is being released into the atmosphere, which is exhaled.

According to the report published in the scientific journal “Live Science”, this landscape is ultimately an important part of the carbon cycle, or the flow of carbon throughout the planet’s system.

Carbon is released into the atmosphere by the decomposition of organic matter and the erosion of carbon-containing rocks. Conversely, the carbon they use in photosynthesis can be absorbed by oceans and plants.

The scene illustrates the great importance of the vegetation cover for the planet and for life in general, as forests are the lung through which our planet breathes. Scientists are sounding the alarm due to the increase in pollution and global warming, which directly threatens humanity and life on Earth.


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