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Instead of a screen, the GlyGlo smart desk drags a metal ball into the sand

Instead of a screen, the GlyGlo smart desk drags a metal ball into the sand

On the crowdfunding site Indiegogo appeared An interesting idea in the form of a GlyGlo smart conference table. In addition to the wireless charger and colorful lighting, it also has a sandy surface. Yes, you read that right – in the illuminated glass part there is really sand, where a metal ball is moving, which can draw various shapes in it.

The creator of the table is Czech Jan Nezval, who used this unusual solution because he did not want to incorporate a regular screen into the table. The table is capable Move the ball to draw Selected pictures, mandalas, weather information, calendar notifications or something else.

GlyGlo Intelligent Kinetic Table

Not only is the GlyGlo table intended to serve its original purpose, but it can also provide useful information and aid in relaxation and meditation. It can be connected to a wireless network and then controlled and set up from the smartphone and tablet app.

“The moment you wake up, the current weather forecast awaits you. On your way to work, you leave a message for your dear partner using a web application. Meanwhile, the schedule has a calendar function, so you can activate automatic drawing of reminders at a specific time and date.” The press release for this product mentions.

The sand surface is placed under the glass and illuminated by LED strips with adjustable light color. In this way, it is possible to influence the atmosphere around the table and throughout the room and underline the images created in a layer of sand. You can also adjust the color of the highlights according to your current mood or occasion.

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In crowdfunding at a discount

It is hiding under the wooden part of the table Wireless charger-Can be used to charge phones and other electronic devices. The power supply is solved to the table by magnetic conductor, which can be detached and connected easily.

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Customers can choose from five different styles

Customers can choose from five different styles, called Zeus, Helios, Artemis, Kairos and Tichy. It is also possible to choose the material of the plate, the shape of the rounded corners from several types of bases, the color of the supply cable, the color of the ball and other elements.

He has been working since April 20 On the campaign platform IndiegogoAimed at raising funds to start production. Under it, the GlyGlo table can be purchased at special prices starting at € 990 (approx 25,300 CZK). Two weeks before the end of the campaign, 1,414 euros of the 10,000 requested have been collected so far. Delivery is scheduled for customers in October this year.

Artemis Live: Man’s Return to the Moon

Artemis is a NASA space program designed to restore human flights to the moon. A gateway station will be built in lunar orbit. The crew will be transported to the station by the Orion spacecraft, launched by the SLS missile. The astronauts will be transported to the surface of the Moon by the HLS module, which will, at least on the first landing, be the SpaceX Starship.

Scheduled tasks:

  • Artemis 1: Unmanned flight in which the Orion is launched into lunar orbit and then returns to Earth. Deadline: End of 2021
  • Artemis 2: Leading orbit of the moon. Date: 2023
  • Artemis 3: A man lands on the moon. Deadline: at the earliest in 2024
  • CLPS: Transferring scientific experiments to the lunar surface to support the Artemis program. Deadline: From 2021
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