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Instead of carpets .. the flag of Ukraine on the floor during the coronation of King Charles

Everyone at King Charles’ coronation today was surprised that the royal carpet at the coronation in Westminster Abbey unexpectedly resembled the Ukrainian flag.

According to Yahoo News, a number of world leaders and guests who arrived at the coronation ceremony wore yellow and blue clothes, colors that match some of the decor inside the church and the flag of Ukraine as well.

The First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, was accompanied by her granddaughter Finnegan Biden, who wore yellow and blue clothes as well. Opera soprano Pretty Yendi wore a yellow dress with large, puffy shoulders.

Hamish de Bretton Gordon, the former NATO chief, tweeted that the Ukrainian flag was “in the heart of Westminster Abbey”, along with a picture of the yellow and blue carpet.

Kira Roddick, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, tweeted that she was “inspired by the pictures of the Ukrainian flag in Westminster Abbey for the coronation of King Charles”.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said the colors of the royal carpet were not chosen to represent the Ukrainian flag, but were “a happy coincidence”.

Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, also attended the coronation ceremony, wearing a gray pleated coat and matching dress.

The Princess of Wales’s family also attended the coronation. Princess Carol’s mother wore a sapphire dress and matching headpiece, while her brother, James, wore a suit with matching yellow bodice, and her sister, Pippa, wore a yellow hat and blazer dress by Claire Mishivani.

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