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Insulting the disabled forces Beyoncé to re-record a song for her new album

Insulting the disabled forces Beyoncé to re-record a song for her new album

Los Angeles – AFP

Beyoncé will have to re-record a song from her new album, which has been criticized on social networks for using a slang word that people with disabilities see as an insult.

The phrase “spazz” in the song “Heated” on the “Renaissance” album, which was released on Friday, angered people with motor disabilities.

These criticisms are due to the fact that the term “spaz” in English, which is derived from the adjective “spastic”, is sometimes used to mock people with cerebral palsy, and it can mean “moron”, “disturbed” or even “clumsy”.

The word “spaz” is rarely used in the United States, meaning that a person is “uncontrollable” or behaving in an “eccentric” manner.

In an effort to quell the outcry ignited on social media, Beyoncé will re-record the offending song, with the term “spass” being “replaced” in the new version, emphasizing in an email that the controversial word “was not used with intent to maliciously.”

The song “Heated” was written in collaboration with Canadian rapper Drake.

American singer Lizzo had an exact similar problem last June when she had to re-record her song “Grrrls” to remove the same slang term as “Spaz.”

Australian activist Hannah Deviney said on Twitter that Beyoncé’s use of the term was “a blow to the disabled community and to the progress that has been made with Lizzo.”

The release of Beyoncé’s seventh solo album on Friday marks the summer’s musical event.

Six years after “Lemonade”, “Queen B” returned to its fans with an album titled “Renaissance” (“The Renaissance”), which includes 16 songs that keep pace with the world’s restoration of the atmosphere of joy and celebration after the pandemic stage.

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“This album made me dream and run during a terrifying time for the world,” Beyoncé, who will soon turn 41, wrote to her 270 million Instagram followers.