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Intercontinental suspension .. Will Al-Ahly lose its new Brazilian striker?

Intercontinental suspension .. Will Al-Ahly lose its new Brazilian striker?

Al-Ahly signed a contract with the Bolivian club Bolivar to seize the Brazilian star and top scorer for 1.5 million US dollars.

Is Bruno being suspended?

The story goes back to the last appearance of the player Bruno Savio with his team Bolivar In the local league, where he was expelled, due to a strong objection to the referee with a contact between them in a charged atmosphere.

Bolivian Federation for football He opened an investigation into the incident before making his decision, which may be a suspension player In the event of his conviction and the verdict of the referee, who confirmed that the Brazilian player had assaulted him, was proven.

The incident began when Bruno Savio objected to the referee because of the expulsion of a colleague on the field, so that the referee issued another red card, but this time in the face of the new Al-Ahly player.

The referee said in his report that Bruno committed unsportsmanlike behavior towards him, and stated a text: “The player hit the referee’s forehead, and insulted him before the red card, then hit the referee in the chest and face again after he was sent off.”

For his part, the Brazilian player apologized to the public and officials, in an official statement published by Bolivar Club, before Bruno traveled to Cairo.

The matter developed to reach the Sports Court, where Rodrigo Quiros, the legal official of Bolivar Club, revealed that a notification had been received from the court regarding the Savio incident, and Rodrigo stressed the need to send the letter to Al-Ahly Club instead of Bolivar, as the player is no longer in the team.

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Concerns in Cairo began to increase after the player’s case was opened on September 10, just one day after he officially announced his transfer to Al-Ahly Club.

What does the regulation say?

The Bolivian club disavowed responsibility in the case, and confirmed through its legal representative that the case concerned the player personally and that the club had nothing to do with it.

But is Bruno Savio subject to a suspension in the Bolivian League only when he returns again, or does the suspension “if it occurred” apply to all countries, even if in another continent?

The list of “FIFA” contains a clause that threatens to ban an intercontinental player for Savio, making the player unable to play in Africa after committing a violation in South America.

Article 12 of the FIFA Disciplinary Sanctions Regulations states that if a player is suspended for 4 matches or 3 months in one association, and the player moves to another association, the penalty must be sent to the player’s new association to apply the penalty locally.

Al-Ahly club and its fans hope that Savio’s penalty will be a suspension of less than 3 months, or 3 matches at the latest, in which case the penalty will not be applied to the player in his new club.