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Interest in video games is waning.  Sony owes higher operating profits to movies

Interest in video games is waning. Sony owes higher operating profits to movies

The company’s net profit fell 14.3% to 882.2 billion yen, and group sales increased 10.3% to 9.92 trillion yen (1.8 trillion CZK).

Sony expects its operating profit for the current fiscal year to decline slightly to about 1.16 trillion yen. According to Refinitiv, analysts estimated operating profit would reach 1.21 trillion yen.

Despite weak interest in video games in its full-year results, Sony increased its operating profit by 109 percent to 138.6 billion yen in the fourth quarter due to the performance of its gaming and network services divisions. Sales in the January-March period were 2.2 trillion yen, up 1% year on year. Sony’s net profit for the quarter rose 67 percent to 111.1 billion yen.

Nearly 20 million PlayStations have been sold

The company is benefiting from strong demand for PlayStation 5 game consoles, from which customers can download games and sign up for prepaid services.

In the last fiscal year, 11.5 million of them were sold. Reuters said that since its launch in 2020, nearly 20 million units have been shipped, although a semiconductor shortage has limited production.

Introducing Sony PlayStation 5 TV Console

Video: Manufacturer’s archive

The interest in the PlayStation 5 is currently so high that the vast majority of retailers don’t have it in stock. People should wait quietly for several months after ordering.