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Interior Council Second Ramadan discusses "digital transformation"

Interior Council Second Ramadan discusses “digital transformation”

The Second Virtual Home Ministry Ramadan Councils discussed “Digital Change and Its Social and Economic Implications” and the role of technology in shaping the world of tomorrow and its implications and challenges.

சர்வதேச கல்வி ஜெசிகா பார்க்கர் முதல் தலைப்பில் பேசினார், “சைபர்”, பின்னர் பொருளாதார மார்ட்டின் லிண்ட்ஸ்டார்ம் பேசினார், “எதிர்கால டெக்னாலஜி” தலைப்பில் ஆசிரியர் மற்றும் உலக சிந்தனையாளர் டாம் மற்றும் ஜேக் தொழிலாளர்கள் குழு முடிவுக்கு, “டிஜிட்டல் பொருளாதாரம் கொண்டவையாகும்” யார். Council Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Economy Ministry’s Undersecretary Moza Al Akraf Al Suwaidi, Social Development, Dr. Muhammad Hamad al-Kuwaiti, UAE Government for cyber security chief, a Ministry’s Undersecretary attended the police, the number of heads in the country, the majority of government officials. Bahrain, Kingdom of the Conference of the guests and the cyber community, was attended by Sheikh Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, cyber security, Bahrain National Center, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad bin Abdulwahab Al-Khalifa, the vice president’s chief executive officer, Bahrain Information cyber security, Bahrain National Center, and Dr. Khalid Al Mutawa, துணை ஜனாதிபதி நிர்வாக இயக்குனர் செயல்பாடுகளின் மற்றும் ஆளுகை மற்றும் இ.அரசாங்க அதிகாரசபை மற்றும் அகமது ஆசிரி, மூலோபாய திட்டமிடல் மற்றும் திட்டங்கள் துறை இயக்குநர் சைபர் ஆப்பரேஷன்ஸ்.

The council – which was moderated by journalist Youssef Abdel Bari – was attended by members of the community on a large scale and the public who participated in the discussions through interactive chat.

Senior Speaker Dr. Jessica Parker holds a PhD from her leading UK University of Liverpool, Internet and cyber expert, and has been selected as one of the most influential women in cyber 20 in the UK.

On the “cyber security” axis, he spoke on a number of topics related to improving network and Internet security and the importance of protecting personal data for individuals or countries and the importance of knowing the basics of digital security and protecting oneself. Electronic theft exposure, competent authorities immediately emphasize the importance of reporting and seeking help and face problems and face people, especially at the beginning of a risk exposure to prevent them, through simple steps, attempting challenges about cyber attack or electronic hacking attempts.

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Then Martin Lindstorm spoke on economics and consumer behavior in marketing, business development, brand building, innovation, development management.

He talked about how the digital economy affects the desired human transformation and how it is responsible for all companies and sectors to work for growth and development without thinking about the past and going back. The third speaker, author Tom & Jack, who specializes in technology science and design thinking, is currently a professor at a private university specializing in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, and is the creator of a blockchain-based framework that guides innovation and aligning groups. Break the barrier and create brilliant driving.

In the “Future Technology” print, he discussed the possibilities and creativity of technology and its unlimited capabilities and innovation to find and provide human solutions to capture and capture information and give better interpretations and data analysis. (WAM)