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الاتحاد الدولى: مصر بلد الحضارة تحدث طفرة فى الجمباز الحديث وتبهر العالم

International Federation: Egypt is a civilized country that is advancing in modern gymnastics and astonishing the world.

The official website of the International Gymnastics Federation has released a report on the hosting of the Men’s and Women’s Art Gymnastics World Cup in Egypt, which will be held in the main hall of the Cairo International Stadium from March 17-20.

The official website of the International Gymnastics Federation said in a statement that the 2022 World Cup, currently being held in the Egyptian capital Cairo, is set to bring about a major change in gymnastics practices.

The report points out that Cairo is hosting the fourth event of the 2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Series, which showcases the talents of Egyptian athletes to the world.

The Egyptian Federation has appointed French coaches Eric and Cecil Deme to help Egypt plan their Olympic medal during the Paris 2024 or Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. In the twenty-first century, the Egyptian team is now in charge of them, including the team that finished eleventh at the 2012 London Olympics.

The good results achieved in Cairo reflect a small step towards their goal. This weekend’s Egyptians will include Tokyo 2020 Olympic athlete Gina Sharaf and fourth-place finisher Nancy Daman at the 2021 World Championships. Jana Mahmood, a 17-year-old promising young woman, reached the finals of the backstroke and equalizer at the World Cup in Doha last year. Tokyo 2020 Olympians Omar Mohammed (Egypt) and Al-Najm Ali Zahran (Egypt) will lead the efforts of the six-man Egyptian team.

The second World Cup, which has been held in the Egyptian capital for the past two years, has attracted great interest from gymnasts around the world, including Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion Caitlin Roskrand of South Africa, one of the most important sports at different height parallel bars. And World Cup star Daniela Patrona (United Kingdom), Oksana Suzovidina (Uzbekistan), Arthur Dautian (Armenia), Ilia Gowdun (UK) have all won at least one World Cup gold so far this season, all from Cairo. .

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For his part, Mori Watanabe of Japan, president of the International Federation of Gymnastics, confirmed that he is proud to host the World Cup for Men’s and Women’s Art Gymnastics in Egypt.

President of the International Federation of Gymnastics, Egypt has a special pride on the personal and human level, which indicates that it is very happy to be in the land of the Pharaohs.

He pointed out that the Egyptian Gymnastics Association, led by Dr. Ihab Amin, had in the past succeeded in making Egypt one of the leading countries in art gymnastics.

Today, Sunday, the activities of the 2022 World Cup Gymnastics in Cairo will conclude amid joint and international praise from delegates participating at the technical level as part of the World Championships Series qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Competition and good organization in the name of Egypt in the new republic under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah L-CC.

The 2022 Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Cairo Paris is one of the World Championships Series qualifying for the 2024 Olympics, and the current edition features 281 participants representing 34 countries: Egypt, host country, Albania, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Ireland, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland and Greece Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, South Africa, Slovenia, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistan, India and Qatar.